Voice cabling is an integral part of all structured cabling networks as it is used for interconnecting phone lines within a business space to PABX’s and phone systems.  Voice cabling is also used to connect carrier services to your business for the use of phone numbers, eftpos facilities and ADSL and internet services.

A part from connecting carrier services to businesses and homes, voice cabling is also used to expand, extend, move and join existing phone systems and phone lines within a business space.   A well documented and flexible voice cabling system allows for having quick and easy access to changes whether they be moving a phone line to another location or reconfiguring an office space.

H & S Communications has the capability to move a phone line to another location, connect a business to a phone system or PABX and also install all types of cabling for business needs.  H & S Communications traces, fault finds and maintains phone MDF’s and record books to ensure all home and businesses have the best functioning and easiest voice solution required.