Voice Cabling

Voice cabling is an integral part of all structured cabling networks as it is used for interconnecting phone lines within a business space to PABX’s and phone systems.  Voice cabling is also used to connect carrier services to your business for the use of phone numbers, eftpos facilities and ADSL and internet services.

A part from connecting carrier services to businesses and homes, voice cabling is also used to expand, extend, move and join existing phone systems and phone lines within a business space.   A well documented and flexible voice cabling system allows for having quick and easy access to changes whether they be moving a phone line to another location or reconfiguring an office space.

H & S Communications has the capability to move a phone line to another location, connect a business to a phone system or PABX and also install all types of cabling for business needs.  H & S Communications traces, fault finds and maintains phone MDF’s and record books to ensure all home and businesses have the best functioning and easiest voice solution required.


Data Racks

Data racks are used to house all the network cabling installed onsite into one location. They also house the equipment that runs the network including network switches, UPS’s, servers and routers.  The data rack has the flexibility to maintain all componentry used in the data network onsite making it the epicentre of the network.

Data racks are utilised in every area of structured data cabling including fibre optic cabling and voice cabling.  A correctly installed data rack allows for a neater and more accessible location for all data network components and for easier and more time efficient access should changes be required.

At H & S Communications designing a well structured and flexible data rack is paramount.  Having a neat and easily managed rack leads to more effective use for the end user and also allows for quick and efficient auditing and documentation procedures to be conducted.

Nurse Call Systems

H&S Communications has been involved in commissioning, replacing and testing Nurse Call points at The Townsville Hospital and other hospitals across North Queensland, including Mackay, Home Hill, Palm Island, Charters Towers, Richmond and Ayr, as well as nursing homes in Charters Towers and Bundaberg.

They are familiar with programming the system to suit customers’ individual requirements, including ‘wandering patient’ and ‘duress’ calls. Furthermore, the nurse call server can be used to provide usage patterns and reports.

H&S Communications are able to remotely access systems, specialising in Hills Health/Merlon nurse call making it easy for them to respond quickly to customisation requests or turn off an alarm if required, before following up in person for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Structured Data Cabling

Structured data cabling is essential for any business or office space to gain access to phone lines and internet. Data cabling uses copper cabling to send signal from one end of the cable to the other. This is generally from a communications rack to an outlet on a desk or in a workspace.

Every business, campus and office space requires structured data cabling to provide them with the capability to connect with the internet and emails.

Structured cabling is single flexible cabling infrastructure that can support it all: PC’s, phones, printers and other devices.  It is the glue that links everything together from voice and data to multimedia services.

At H&S Communications we have the capacity to not only install all types of data cabling but to also design different fit out options to support all requirements. With years of experience in telecommunications we have a wide variety of different design options that we can use to create the best network for your needs.

H&S Communications are qualified to install all of the copper cabling types listed below:

  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6A
  • Cat 7
  • Cat 7A




MATV Systems

H & S Communications can design, install or upgrade television distribution systems to meet the requirements of modern hotels, hospitals and resorts.  Older systems can be surveyed and upgrades can be designed and implemented to meet the latest requirements for in house services.


SMATV Systems

H & S Communications can design, install and upgrade satellite and terrestrial distribution systems to meet the requirements of Pay TV providers for multi dwelling units and modern distribution systems, as well as cable television head end systems for hotels, hospitals, resorts and corporate installations.

Complete backup service and maintenance is available to ensure your system is providing your guests or tenants with the best quality of television service.  A complete range of services is available for the design of new systems and the upgrade of older systems for high channel capacity and digital compatibility.   For optimum performance and guaranteed results we use cable design software to design all aspects of the television cable network including guest information systems, cameras and radio via MATV systems.



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Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optics is now considered the best solution for Internet connectivity, speed of use and viability as it uses the speed of light to transfer packets of data over long and short distances at great speeds.  Fibre is by far the quickest means of connectivity and is used mainly in campuses, schools and high traffic data areas as well as carrier services for both cable TV and telephone services.

Fibre optics is the future of data communications and is already being utilised in many areas such as in the NBN at home and in business, fibre to the desktop.  Having completed courses in network design, H&S Communications can assess your project and offer a global solution for your fibre needs.

H & S Communications are competent to install, terminate, test and repair faults for many different types of fibre:

  • OM1 Multimode
  • OM3 Multimode
  • OM4 Multimode
  • OS1 Singlemode
  • OS2 Singlemode