Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optics is now considered the best solution for Internet connectivity, speed of use and viability as it uses the speed of light to transfer packets of data over long and short distances at great speeds.  Fibre is by far the quickest means of connectivity and is used mainly in campuses, schools and high traffic data areas as well as carrier services for both cable TV and telephone services.

Fibre optics is the future of data communications and is already being utilised in many areas such as in the NBN at home and in business, fibre to the desktop.  Having completed courses in network design, H&S Communications can assess your project and offer a global solution for your fibre needs.

H & S Communications are competent to install, terminate, test and repair faults for many different types of fibre:

  • OM1 Multimode
  • OM3 Multimode
  • OM4 Multimode
  • OS1 Singlemode
  • OS2 Singlemode